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Pruning can be used to help remove dead wood or dying + diseased branches.  You can also thin a tree, which helps with more air flow and allows more sunlight to your lawn which helps with disease prevention.

Structural Pruning

Most defects in older trees could have been prevented if they would have been properly pruned when they were younger. Structurally pruning will also help with maintenance as the tree matures.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatments

Applying protective insecticide treatments to healthy Ash trees is the best strategy for managing EAB. If infestation is detected early, you may be able to treat your Ash tree to prevent further damage. Think of it as an IV for your tree!


At Country Arborists we use a less invasive cabling system called Branch Saver.  It is a 3/4" premium hollow polyester braid designed to be an adjustable cord for cabling limbs.  Branch Saver is made from extremely long-lasting, lightweight, easy to use UV resistant polyester. It is an excellent alternative to wire rope.  This system is used to help preserve and support the healthy tree structurally.

Large Removals

When it comes to DIY projects for your yard, experts agree large tree removals shouldn't be among them. We are here to help! If your tree is in a tight spot, no problem. We use a crane to assist with the removal!

Storm Damage

We will work with you + insurance companies to help remove broken limbs + trees on your house.

Woods Clean Out

Let us help you with woods around your property that are overgrown and remove any invasive species that could take over other healthy plants.

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