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Tree Pruning

Why is tree pruning important? Removing dead, diseased, and damaged parts of trees and shrubs improves vigor and aesthetic qualities.  Pruning trees at a young age is the best way to insure proper growth habits. However, corrective pruning measures can be taken to reduce the potential for tree or branch failure, providing clearance, or diminishing shade. We practice the most current pruning practices to insure the health of our clients' trees and shrubs. 

Tree Removal

Sometimes trees can become unwanted or dangerous. Removing a tree may be the last resort when other practices like pruning, cabling/bracing, or pest mitigation fail.  This can often be a large and dangerous undertaking. This is why hiring an insured ISA Certified Arborist is extremely important. Let the knowledge and skills of our trained arborists assist you. 

Stump Grinding

Getting rid of that unsightly stump is often easier than one thinks. Besides, who wants to mow around it all summer long or leave a home for insects and disease on their property? We have the means to grind that stump regardless of the size or location.

Tree Supports & Lighting Protection

Trees take a long time to reach their full potential for what they add in value to a property. Over time, trees may develop defects which can lead to mechanical failure. Tree supports like cabling and bracing are added as supplemental structure to limit the movement of tree parts in order to mitigate the risk of damage or personal injury. 

Lighting is also a common risk for taller trees causing damage to the tree itself or neighboring trees and structures. Lighting protection systems provide an alternate path to ground for the energy from a lightning strike using copper conductors like the ones electrical providers use. Having us install a lightning protection on your landmark tree is the best way to insure it against lightning strikes. 

Integrated Pest Management

From time-to-time trees can use our help. Attacks by insects, bacteria, and fungi require treatment from an arborist through the use of cultural, biological, and chemical means. Let us help you identify, diagnose, and treat any potential pest problem you may have. 

Soil Amendments & Nutrient Replacement

A tree's favorite environment is to live in a forest. Living in an urban environment can be stressful for a tree due to a lack of nutrients naturally found within the forest floor. Soil compaction, leaf clean-up, mulch, soil amendments, and dosing of nutrients are all ways we can help you combat the environmental stressors of your trees. 

Consulting & Tree Risk Assessment

Are you building an addition to your home next to a large tree? Do you have a branch hanging over your fence from your neighbor's tree and want to prune it? Are you wanting to plant a row of trees for privacy? These are all good reasons to contact an arborist. Consulting one of our arborists to get the proper information before taking action will help prevent future headaches. 

Trees can hide structural defects leading to a surprise branch or tree failure. On the other hand, a seemingly threatening tree characteristic may lead one to believe a tree is a danger when in fact it poses little risk. Having a tree assessed for risk by our arborist staff using a systematic risk assessment process like TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) can give you peace of mind, prevent structural failures, and promote the longevity of your trees.

Brush Mowing & Forest Clean-Up

Perhaps you've had a storm maim your forest or have some invasive species taking over your wood line. Either of these can be a challenging undertaking for a homeowner, especially due to the size of the task and the inherent dangers involved. We have the right equipment to get into the toughest of spots in order to return your wooded area to the beautiful and thriving forest it was meant to be. 

Storm Damage

Trees add aesthetic value and financial benefits to a property. Unfortunately, beneficial proximity to a house can also be dangerous in the event of a storm. Branches or whole trees can fail resulting in damage to building, cards, and other trees. Hiring a qualified, insured professional is critical in these kinds of scenarios. Our arborists have the experience to safely remove failed trees and branches from where they should be. 

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